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"... a distinctive sound. Inspired by ’60s psychedelia and folk, some tunes bring to mind the likes of Jefferson Airplane or Fleetwood Mac, with a nuanced balance of gentle acoustics, and sizzling synths and electric guitars."

- Huddersfield Times

" worked some kind of magic on me. It’s the emotion that’s contained in the song as a whole – words and music. And how the song has layers of meanings – the specific story, the relation to a personal story and the universal. This is beautiful." 

Local Sound Focus

"...the songs are so memorable I feel like I've known them all, passion, tight of the best studio production qualities I've heard from an independent band."

- Northern Quarter

"...the music is great, it’s music that you can wig out to. It’s music that makes you smile. Music that I could imagine just throwing myself round a venue to with a huge grin on my face."

Local Sound Focus

"...fascinating music...a cornucopia of genres all thrown gleefully into the stylistic melting pot and glued together by a beautiful concept...a high energy record which demands and rewards repeated listens. The musicality and sheer musical bravery of this duo are to be applauded."

- Nick Hall - Plumhall

"...a great record with unique lyrical swagger...psychedelic folk, fused with cosmic and disco, clever and unique sounding."

- Loafers

"...really something special...seriously infectious, spaghetti western soundscapes...sheer devotion that oozes and sweats into every note..."

Live review from Cat on the Wall

 "A rock’n’roll infused blend of country-folk ...the listener can delightedly stomp on the table-top..."

Emerging Indie Bands

"...there are some extremely catchy segments and turns of phrase that indicate some well-placed confidence in the songwriting department...colourful and joyous...groove filled, thumping and purposeful."

-Folk Phenomena

" expressive, atmospheric and thoughfully album that crossed many genres...a beautifully nuanced record that will take you on a journey"

- Dan Sealey - Merrymaker

"...chock-full of suitably crunchy riffs and addictive hooks that are irresistibly uplifting..."

Huddersfield Examiner feature

"By far one of the most unusual songs I’ve ever reviewed...Nothing could have prepared me for the lively jam of The Current."

Reyt Good Magazine

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