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Huddersfield musician Leo Brazil is launching Birds and Beasts Records with a  Wadcutter Blues collaboration on 21st June 2024

Cover photo - TIGER INSIDE v2.jpg

Huddersfield musician/songwriter/producer Leo Brazil is celebrating the launch of his new record label by releasing a collaboration with the band Wadcutter Blues. 'Tiger Inside' was recorded entirely live in Leo's studio and is being released into the wild on 21.6.24 with an accompanying video showing the recording in progress.

Leo explains why this song was chosen as the first release:

"Tiger Inside is a fun song that I wrote twenty years ago and was a crowd favourite from my early years gigging solo and with my old band The Twitch. It seems fitting to revisit it all these years later at this crossroads in my life. Collaborations are something I plan to explore a lot more, it was a great honour performing this song with Wadcutter Blues...not to mention we had an absolute blast in the studio!"

Wadcutter Blues are a band with a stellar line-up of well known players from Huddersfield. After Leo supported them at Holmfirth Picturedrome last year, he suggested that they pay a visit to his studio and record a few tracks together. The second song is staying in the archives for now though.  

Leo tells us about the origins of the label's name:

"Birds and Beasts was a band I started with my ex-wife, it was my primary focus for almost a decade. We parted company amicably but I'm an emotional guy and it took some time to come to terms with that. I knew I was really proud of all the hard work and I still believe the songs are powerful. I knew I couldn't entirely say goodbye to that chapter of my life. I feel I am currently writing and recording some of the best music I've ever created working in a few different styles with different outfits, I can't wait to start sharing all this new music. Uniting all this music under the Birds and Beasts Records umbrella seems a great way of looking to the future and acknowledging the past too."

Birds and Beasts Records are releasing lots more music from Leo Brazil and his various musical projects and you can find out more and join the mailing list by visiting

The release date is 21/6/24 with a pre-save on all major streaming platforms.

The video will be previewed with a live stream via Birds and Beasts Records' Facebook page on 20/6/24

Download images - landscape and portrait, web and print

Biography in medium, short and ultra short versions

A selection of press/quotes relating to Leo Brazil's previous projects:

"...colourful and joyous...groove filled, thumping and purposeful." - Folk Phenomena
" a Wes Anderson animation in sonic form…" - Kitchen Disco Records
"...psychedelic folk, fused with cosmic and disco, clever and unique." - Loafers
", passion, tight harmonies..." - Northern Quarter
"...fascinating music...a cornucopia of genres..." - Nick Hall (Plumhall)
"...a nuanced balance of gentle acoustics, and sizzling synths and electric guitars." - Huddersfield Times


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