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Hi, I'm Leo Brazil and yes, that is my real name. I started this small DIY label to release music from a variety of projects I am involved in. The name comes from an animal inspired band I was a part of for ten years. I am still obsessed with animals but occasionally allow myself to write songs overtly about myself now. 

Current projects are ongoing under the following names...

Leo Brazil 

Solo acoustic guitar and voice recordings where I am at my most folky. I'm allowing myself some sparse instrumentation like keyboards, violin and pedal steel and playing everything myself.

I might do the odd collaboration too!

Leo Brazil's Amazing Animal A-Z

Aimed at children and drawing on my past life as an infant teacher. The songs educate and entertain whilst covering a lot of stylistic ground. I am shooting videos for each song as I record them. These will be released along with accompanying kids books made in collaboration with an illustrator. 

Zoodelic Psychestra

The natural evolution of Birds and Beasts into a maelstrom of rocking psychedelic electronica. An evolved ecosystem of samplers, drum machines, effects units, keyboards and guitars leads to an  intense spectacle with lights, visuals and guest musicians. 

Bone Wars

A heavy psychedelic rock monster featuring some amazing musicians with a shared fascination for cosmic music and dinosaurs. 

Birds and Beasts Records was started as an outlet for the various musical activities of songwriter Leo Brazil. Drawing inspiration from the natural world to create a colourful evolution of sound that mixes acoustic, folk, pop, psychedelia and electronica. Leo has self released and recorded seven albums of his own material and supported The Crazy World of Arthur Brown,  The Blow Monkeys, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Chris Helme, Space, Miles Hunt, Seamus Fogerty, Liela Moss, The Rails and many more...

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