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Our second album 'Kozmik Disko' on lovely chewy 12" vinyl




Wolfpack - a young wolf couple steal away to start a new life

Deep Down - a lonely scorpion will not rest until he finds a mate

Keep Walking - an ant fearing the end is near leaves the hive to protect the others

The Bloat - argy bargy at the hippos' favourite watering hole

Hostile Shore - a remote rock in the ocean is the scene for an albatross reunion


The Day I Was Born - a bee's whole life has led up to this point

The Current - a shark perceives electrical currents to aid in the search for food and friends

Dancemaster - a pair of lance-tailed manekins make a bid to impress with their dancing

Silver Moon Array - a hedgehog awakes mid-hibernation to find the surroundings have changed


You will also receive a digital download of the album in 48k 24bit quality.


Here are some nice reviews - 


"all of the best qualities of their live set (energy, passion, tight harmonies) and smashes them together with one of the best studio production qualities I've heard from an independent band." - Samh/Northern Quarter


"an expressive, atmospheric and thoughtfully crafted album that crosses many genres that intertwine perfectly with the subject matter. From crunching guitars to jangling keyboards they all serve to make this a beautifully nuanced record that will really take you on a journey."

- Dan Seeley/Merrymaker


"a great record with the unique lyrical swagger we’ve become
accustomed to from Birds & Beasts. The songs make you listen intently to the words and you become entwined in the rhythm and quality of the musicianship. Psychedelic folk, fused with cosmic and disco pop, absolutely love it..."

- Mark Richardson/Loafers


"The musicality and sheer musical bravery of this duo are to be applauded. I can heartily recommend you get dressed up to the nines and queue up to enter this Kozmik Disko as soon as you can. Make sure you check your coat in and get ready to dance. An early, and serious, contender for the best album of 2021."

- Nick Hall/Plumhall

Kozmik Disko - Vinyl

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